How to Choose Between Getting Roof Restoration Vs Roof Replacement

Many homeowners find it challenging to determine whether to restore or replace their roofs. In this article, you will familiarize yourself with roof restoration, roof replacement, and circumstances under which to replace or repair a roof.

What is the difference between roof replacement and roof restoration?

Roof replacement entails removing all roofing material and substituting it with a new roof. However, roof restoration refers to leaving the roofing material intact and fixing minor issues to extend the roof’s life.

When to Restore a Roof

It is vital to hire a competent contractor to inspect your roof before you decide whether to restore it. For restoration to take place, the roof should be in excellent condition. 



The following are the reasons why you should restore your roof.

  • Fire damage

When fire damages your home, smoke is likely to soil the ceiling or the structure of the house. In such a situation, a roof restoration is an ideal option of correcting the anomaly.

  • Water damage

During the heavy rain season, water can damage the shingles, underlay, and roof deck. By repairing your roof, you will restore your home to a proper condition.

  • Wind damage

Strong wind can blow off pieces of shingles from your roof. Also, when it is windy, some debris from trees may land on your roof; hence damaging it.

When to Replace a Roof

Roofs are replaced when they are not structurally sound.  Roof replacement involves removing all the shingles from the ceiling, replacing the underlayment, and substituting the new shingles. Alternatively, roof replacement may entail layering of new shingles on top of the old ones.

Here are the conditions under which you should replace your roof.

  • Not structurally sound

When the roof is about to collapse or is causing a lot of leaking, replacing it is the better option.

  • Over twenty years

The lifespan of a roof is around twenty years. If a roof has stayed for such a period, it is vital to replace it.

  • Deteriorated condition

You may consider replacing your roof if it has curled shingles, molds, moss, and dark streaks.

Final Thoughts

Before you replace or restore a roof, you should allow a professional contractor to inspect and determine its general condition. Lake Macquarie Roof Restoration experts offer a complimentary roof inspection so you can be certain about what solution is best.